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logo hm transparantHammann-Messgeräte is trademark of GJBV.eu

GJBV.eu is official representative for KXload bank, quality made in China, Certified with China Classification Society (CCS) and ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate.

As EU representative can we support your demands on local scale, give your project helping hands and working on a 100% customer satisfy solution.

As EU representative we have access to all support and develop facilitys of the factory. Therefor short lines to the right departments. Custom made configurations are optional.

Please feel free if You have questions to enquire us.

Kaixiang Company Culture

Enterprise Mission

Focus on customer requirements, provide competitive equipment and services, continued to create maximum value for customers, provide a better life for employees.

Kaixiang Spirit

Innovation Professional Integrity hardworking

Kaixiang Values

Innovation Efficiency Excellence

management China

What we can do

1. Professional technical team with more than 20 years design experience.
2. Customized technical solutions meet customer’s individual requirements.
3. Skilled workman insure the reliable assembly technology.
4. Strict inspection procedures throughout the whole production flow.
5. Prompt delivery make sure the customers receive the goods on time.
6. Perfect after sales service create good user experience.
7. Reliable quality & competitive price maximize profits for customers.
8. Timely feedback save valued time for the customer.
9. Humanized management system build homelike work atmosphere.
10. Certified with CCS and ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate.

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Main 10 Technology Advantages

Kaixiang company is in leading position in generator set testing and maintenance industry, besides general functions, its load bank has following unique advantages:

1. Standard Testing Function: The load bank can do stable test, transient test, and realize functions, such as setting, fluctuation, instant load, and instant unload.
2. Super Power Load: high load power density, large capacity of single set, parallel running to finish super power testing, and realize tens of megawatts of power loading.
3. Accurate Data: with high precision data collection module and measuring meter, related equipment has passed the certification by CMA (China Metrology Accreditation) qualification testing institution, and ensure the reliability of data.
4. Flexible Control Mode: based on different using habit, several control mode as following can be choosed, local panel operation, remote box controlling, and intelligent software.
5. Intelligent Load: after setting generator rated power in software, system realize rapid loading through preset proportion, automatically and continuously load multiple power value and common tests, like stepping, full load, and over load, so that improve working efficiency.
6. High Efficiency Data Management: display real-time testing data, generate form, curve graph or report automatically, also can put data into storage. According to generator set No. set up testing file, support to query at any time, and improve data management efficiency.
7. Comprehensive Protection Function: multiple protection, like over temperature, smoke. When in danger, automatically terminate the test and give alarm to protect safety of personnel and equipment.
8. Stable Running: with the latest generation control module as the core, a sharp rise in system response speed and anti-interference performance, avoid function failure in complex electrical environment, and ensure system running stably and reliably.
9. New Load Bank Technology: using the international advanced AC load bank technology, overcome the old water bank defects, such as bear bumpy, unable to use when go to sea, realize Mooring Trial and Sea Trail, and simulate the real working condition of generator running.
10. Mature Manufacturing Technology: load element using excellent anti-corrosion materials, waterproof insulation container packaging, suitable for adverse environment such as ocean. Internal layout is reasonable, air channel is clear, rapid heat emission, and satisfy continuous working need.

Kaixiang Certificate & Honor


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Company Introduction

Hebei Kaixiang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in emergency power supply test & maintenance industry. Specialized in the design, R&D, manufacture of the high capacity AC & DC load bank, it owns the largest intelligent power supply testing equipment R & D centre in China. Kaixiang offer one-stop solutions to generator set & battery & UPS power manufacturers. Its products are widely used in data centre, shipbuilding, offshore platform, state grid, nuclear power, hospital, communication, railway, war industry etc filed. Kaixiang is strategy partner of many famous company, such as Cummins, Caterpillar, Kohler, Jiangnan Shipyard, CSSC,CSIC, State grid, China mobile, Tecent, Baidu, Sinopec, CETC etc. Some of its products have been exported to America, Singapore, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Angola etc. Through years of development, “Triumph Load” already the first brand in power supply detection industry in China.

Why choosing KXLoad

1. The earliest and most professional manufacturer of AC/DC Load Bank in China, dedicated to this industry for more than 20 years.
2. The most patent technology and scientific research awards gainer in China.
3. Advanced detection method and strict inspection procedure build the qualified quality.
4. Customized production meet the individual requirement.
5. Prompt delivery & excellent after sales service.
6. Cooperate with many well-known enterprise, offer OEM and ODM service to world famous brands.
7. Certified with China Classification Society (CCS) and ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate.
8. Triumph Load is the first brand in the emergency power supply test & maintenance industry in China.

The application of loadbank

A load bank is an electrical apparatus used to verify the performance of an electrical power source. The most common application for the equipment is to provide an exercise "load" for standby emergency generators. These emergency generators are typically installed at hospitals, hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, water treatment facilities, data centers, large retail facilities, and other such sites. The load banks provide a precise and stable electrical load for the generators. The electrical load created by load banks allow verification of the performance of the generator on a scheduled maintenance interval. Many other applications for load banks exist other than standby generator testing. The generator manufacturers require load banks for research and design programs as well as production testing. The military utilizes load banks in various applications such as testing of power supplies and generators for aircraft, frequency convertors, submarines, and missile defense systems. Computer and network Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) also require load bank testing of both the inverter and battery inputs.

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Hammann-Messgeräte is a trademark of GJBV.eu company, GJBV is official KXLoad bank representive for EU market. Encuiry from EU and continental Africa are welcome.